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Job Description

About Tom James

Tom James Company was founded in 1966. Over 50+ years we have grown from a single store to more than 105 locations on 4 continents, 3500 employees and more than $500 Million in sales.

We are a direct selling company. Our sales force consists of highly motivated, service-minded and leadership-oriented sales professionals. By finding and developing long-term, loyal customers, our people build fantastic lifestyles to support their personal and professional goals. These customers are highly successful, busy professionals who demand convenience, quality and excellent service.

We provide the training, opportunity and product to build a significant income through sales and leadership while establishing a strong net worth through our employee ownership and 401(k)/Profit Sharing programs.

Our product is custom clothing. We are vertically integrated, allowing us to provide unmatched quality dollar-to-dollar than our customers find anywhere else.

Our Opportunity

SALES – To provide unlimited income potential, we have a 100% commission opportunity. To provide financial security in the early years of building your business, we have a generous training assistance pay plan for the first two years. Our 1st year partners typically earn around $50,000 and grow from there to wherever they want to go. 75% of our sales representatives with 3+ years tenure earn $75,000+ and 50% earn over $100,000.

The significant increase in income each year stems from the clientele building opportunity. As more and more of your business each year comes from established, satisfied customers, you are able to increasingly work a referral-based business and comfortably grow your income to the lifestyle you desire.

LEADERSHIP – Once you reach $315,000 in annual sales volume, you are eligible to hire. You are promoted in leadership responsibility according to your team sales performance, and can hire and develop as many people as you want—provided you get good results with your team! There are no politics or games at Tom James, just merit-based opportunity for people who demonstrate the ability to build.

Leadership income consists of pay-per-production on team members as well as a bonus plan on overall team profitability. Entry level leaders will typically earn an additional $12,000 - $15,000 in leadership pay on top of sales income, and more established leaders consistently earn $40,000, $50,000, $60,000 and beyond. Just like our sales income opportunity, leadership income is unlimited.

NET WORTH – Beyond the customary 401(k) matching contribution program, Tom James offers profit sharing (where a distribution of end-of-year profits is made to each of our sales representatives) and ownership (stock) in the company.

Tom James is privately held by the employees of the company, predominantly members of the sales force. Since the inception of the ownership program in 1978, our compound annual stock growth rate has been 14.1%. At present, 22% of our sales force has reached or exceeded $500,000 in net worth building just with Tom James assets—401(k), profit sharing and stock—with significant increases each year.

TRAINING – People are the heart of our business. We invest heavily in training and development opportunities, from a comprehensive, two-month initial training period to ongoing, merit-based advanced training opportunities available every quarter. Perhaps the greatest reflection of our training posture is that we don't just train the new partner; we train the direct leader, too, to ensure that best practices for supporting our new partner are implemented.

Since the inception of our new training and leadership development model in 2015, new partner results are up 43%!

The Career for a Lifetime

With each passing year at Tom James, you have more loyal clients, more training and development, more ownership and net worth stakes, new trips and experiences, and deeper relationships with likeminded peers. Partly because of our commitment to developing people, and partly because our customer base has a strong desire to have a deep and longstanding relationship with their representative, everything about our opportunity is structured to allow people to build extravagantly productive careers over the long term. Our desire with each candidate we consider for employment is to identify individuals with great character, ambition and work eithic, and then develop and support those individuals to build something incredible.


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